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I am a physician. I treat neurological health conditions, however my daily work inspires me more about the health potential people have, rather than their disease. Therefore, I feel my role is to encourage the healthiest aspect of people I meet, beyond merely focusing on the condition, which may have brought them before me. So, encouraging the healthiest aspects of humanity has ultimately become my greatest passion; my work and play are platforms for such expression. While healthcare is my occupational platform for encouraging people, I enjoy publishing self-help books, developing self-help internet applications, and conducting motivational interviews and speaking engagements. Please reference my publications below, for greater detail of the causes, which keep me awake each night and those I awaken for each day.


Florida A&M University 12-07-21 - 12-07-21

Bachelors of Science

Achieved degree in chemistry and became introduced to the world of neurosciences, as a college sophomore; have been "at home," ever since!! After I totally enjoyed my colorful college years, I took two years off to prepare for the medical college admissions test (MCAT) and apply to various schools. During those two years, I also worked as a neuroscientist, testing compounds, one of which became the medication we most commonly use today to treat Alzheimer’s Disease.

Nova-Southeastern University 12-07-21 - 12-07-21

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

During medical school, I became involved in the clinical neurosciences; first, during didactic training, followed by clinical rotations in neurology. While there was a time neurosurgery appealed to me, it increasingly became clear I was more naturally a bedside neurologist. Today, I remain a bedside neurologist; it continues to offer a career of fulfillment, wonderment, challenge, and joy.

Work & Experience

Neurohospitalist 07-01-01 - 11-30--1


I consult on patients suffering from acute neurological disease, such as strokes, seizures, delirium, nervous system infections, and acute exacerbations of chronic diseases. I recommend medicines, surgery, and physical therapy, but the greatest gift I offer is the therapy of healthy discussion.

Neurology Resident 07-01-98 - 06-30-01

After a two years of internship in internal medicine internship, I got my chance to get involved in the field I learned was perfect for me. My residency was three years, the last of which, I was selected to serve as a chief resident.


Adult Neurologist 01-01-70 - 12-31-21

American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology



Motivational Interviewing for Healthcare Professionals 20-25-20


Chronic health conditions are frequently associated and created by chronic habits of lifestyle; if we are going to help our patients enhance their health conditions, we are going to have to learn the language which supports "change thought," "change language,"and "change activity"... Motivational Interviewing comprises the approaches and styles used by a growing number of clinicians, who possess an ambition to assist their patients in this manner.

DrSeanHubbard Online 20-12-20


DrSeanHubbard.com is the virtual residence of the various causes and projects to which DrSean invests.

The Search for Wellness 06-04-06


We are offered opportunities to enjoy levels of health, however we generally take it for granted; we don’t usually think about our health, until something happens, which reminds us. In The Search for Wellness, I recommend using these reminders (strokes, seizures, heart attacks, etc.) as life’s lesson to pursue higher/highest levels of health available to us.

The Search for Wellness Part II 16-03-16


So, I became more ambitious over 10 years, since having written Part 1 of The Search for Wellness. In this book, I urge to push beyond merely "overcoming," stroke and heart disease risk factors. My strong suggestion is that patients seek "victory," as they adjust after an acute issue. "Get into health promotion; not prevention," I counsel patients who have been stabilized after hospital discharge. I express evermore more resolve that medicines, alone, can not and do not, provide the major answers for the most common and prevalent health conditions affecting modern society. Achieving Victory focuses more on stroke and other neurological conditions. It continues along the theme of "whole" personal growth, but also provides more details regarding the steps one must take to move successfully along the journey of health enhancement. "Learn from your experience," and "keep winning," have become my call to action.

HAdvisor 20-02-20


Physicians, the clinical leaders of the healthcare delivery system, frequently find themselves in precarious circumstances, in their employments - they, many times, are managed by non-physicians. This misalignment produces awkward and cumbersome barriers to patients getting the quality of help physicians feel they need; physicians voices become muted, relative to their perspectives offered by education, experience, and front-line positions. My team and I developed HAadvisor to provide, for the first time ever, a mechanism of anonymously giving voice back to physicians to describe their work experiences, that informs future candidates of employment what it feels like to work in their roles. So, now, physicians don’t have to fear being honest about the quality of support they are given by their manager & employers, to provide care for the patients they serve.

GrupHug 20-01-20


Contemporary life has become so convoluted and complicated, we are discouraged to celebrate the health & life we have with those whom we work, live, and love; My team & I developed GrupHug as a tool to facilitate celebrating life’s major milestones and victories, such as birthdays, retirements, new babies, and lives well lived. So, now groups of large numbers may offer, by way of words, images, or videos their sentiments at such important moments. And if appropriate, well-wishers can offer monetary recognition. Ultimately. GrupHug was developed, as a reminder, to celebrate life’s victories:)

Blaklif - Social Media for Black Business 20-22-20


We are increasingly being made aware of the disparities of health, which exist particularly among marginalized ethnic groups in America. Blaklif was developed specifically to address these disparities, by focusing of on the very components of health, the so-called "social determinants of health." The site supports collaboration, sharing of business contact data, and no-less importantly, social/emotional support


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